Youth: Set Your Sight On The Future!

By Nwokoma Izuchukwu on 13/07/2017

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The spate of armed robbery cases and other heinous crimes in our country in recent times calls for concern by anyone who abhors criminality and other vices that instill fear in individuals.

In as much as I am not lampooning or talking down on the commitment of our political class and agencies saddled with the responsibility of checking crime rate in the society, I would say that the political class hasn't shown enough commitment towards alleviating poverty in the country as most robbers caught in the act in recent time, always lay blame on the economic downturn in the land.

Though I disagree with them in this bogus claim, how can any youth say that he/she took to robbery because of the harsh economic realities on ground? If these claims are true, then how come every youth in Nigeria has not taken to robbery, kidnapping or other heinous crimes that tend to truncate the peace of the country?

I will not exonerate our politicians in these, as perpetrators of these heinous crimes in our society, overtly or covertly worked for them during their campaign and elections into different positions of authority.

Furthermore, some of them were spoilt by these politicians who lavished money and other material things on them, but because they have achieved their aim, they have shut the doors on these youth whom they used to intimidate opponents during electioneering campaigns and elections proper. Some of these youth in order to cope with the extravagant lifestyles they were exposed to, have taken up arms against the poor masses instead of venting their anger on those that used and dumped them.

At least one should expect that after working for these politicians, these youth should be rewarded. By reward, I mean setting up businesses for them or other legitimate means just to take their minds off the dirty things they did and received huge money for. But sadly enough, our politicians do not care about settling these youth handsomely in order not to quit the trade and spell doom for them as some of them cannot win elections without embarking on bailout box snatching.

It is appalling that despite the neglect or treatment meted to these youth who helped politicians achieve their motives, they still make themselves vessels to be used to unleash mayhem during the subsequent elections. This is the highest level of gullibility. Could it be that these youth have sold their sense of reasoning to the extent that they only care about the gains during election than securing good future for themselves?

Without jumping to conclusion, I would say that with this kind of mentality, the political class will continue to treat us as rags that they only turn to when there is water on the floor to be scrubbed.

Our society will be a better place to live in, if the gullible youth who serve as vessels for desperate politicians should have a rethink and discard all manner of shortsightedness, set their sight on securing brighter future rather than rely on politicians who give them sticks but deprive them of carrots until another electioneering year.

#He that has ears let him hear!




Posted on July, 13 2017

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