Please, Chief Victor Umeh should stop telling deliberate lies

By Valantine Obienyem on 17/09/2017

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Obi and Obiano

It was reported recently, how the Willie Obiano’s Campaign  organisation headed by Chief Victor Umeh agreed that the present gubernatorial campaign would be anchored on lies, blackmail and mischief, and they have been doing that in  full dose.

They have  continued to concoct/sponsor funny stories as that of “last drop of my blood”, “visit to  the shrine,” “divorce”, among others.

When they started saying at every fora that Chief Willie Obiano received less money, in fact 20% of what Obi received, the informed started scratching their heads in perplexity.  That lie has been laid to rest because monthly allocation from the Federal Government showed that  Obiano even received more. When you add the IGR,  Paris Club Refund, Budget Support facility, etc, you will see he received twice what Obi comparatively received.

When one lie is busted, they invent another.  They have clearly chosen the Quintus formula for this election. In one of Cicero ’s campaigns, his brother, Quintus, drew up for him a manual of electioneering technique. “Be lavish in your promises,” Quintus advised; “men prefer a false promise to a flat refusal. Continue to get and invent some new scandal aired against your rivals”, Quintus continued, “for crime, corruption, or immorality.”
Yesterday, Mr. Peter Obi attended a Laity function at the Archbishop Obiefuna Retreat and Pastoral Centre, Okpuno. One of the officials was so happy that Mr. Obi attended and in fact told me that he had remained consistent in attending their functions over the years. Without asking him, he told me that they extended invitation to Government, but they said they would not make it.
In his speech, Obi talked about how to make Nigeria better. He enjoined everybody to work hard  and to ask questions about the country. He avoided politics completely. However, somebody asked him about  godfatherism in politics and he replied that he had some, one of who remains Prof. ABC Nwosu, who was the man that brought him into politics and who, going by his experience, he continues to consult now and then for direction on so many things.
He said his major godfather was Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, whose passion was always driven by the good of the society and not by money that would enter  his pocket. In fact, he recalled how, during his impeachment, a group led by Arc. Callistus Ilozumba and Sir Godfery Muotolu went to see Ojukwu and how Ojukwu, to their chagrin, started dancing.  After he had danced, he told them he was very happy and proud  that the reason for the impeachment was not because of corruption but because he refused to share money. At this time, Chief Victor Umeh had already abandoned Obi and joined “the moving vehicle”. Ojukwu at that time said he would do everything possible to ensure Obi returned, and he did.
Continuing, Obi said that as his godfather, Ojukwu was there to advise, rebuke and direct him. He said that he in turn treated him with a son’s surpassing love and that he would remain indebted to him.

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He conclude by saying that people have godfathers during baptism to direct them, that godfatherism becomes dangerous when it is negative. 
When Obi finished speaking, one of the organizers, that my man, came to me again and informed me that the Chairman of APGA, Chief Victor Oye, who came during Obi’s speech called Government immediately and they decided to come. So, their coming was not out of conviction, but because Obi was there. You could see how they have not given the man a breathing space, after they will turn around and say he is the one encumbering, and even tormenting them.
During his speech at the event, Chief Victor Umeh, who, outside politics, scarcely has anything to say on any matter, reduced his speech to campaign. He started by acknowledging the failure of Obiano because he said that as Governor, that Obi did not do anything in his first tenure and that Governors only worked in their second tenures. The implication is that having failed, Obiano should be giving the chance to return. 
He ended up de-marketing Obiano because, at least, he said Obi did not work because of problems here and then, including so many court cases, the impeachment and his many wars. But going by his logic, what problem inhibited Obiano from working? Is it the over 100 Billion (When you add set aside funds), bequeathed him or solid foundation already laid by Obi?Is it the arrears of pensin and gratuity that obi cleared  with over 37 Billion Naira? Is the Anambra State, he inherited, that was the best in network of roads? Is it a debt-free State that he inherited, the only one in Nigeria? What?
Chief Umeh spoke pure and unadulterated falsehood. Yes, Obi’s first tenure was seriously encumbered, but he did not allow it to affect his work. 
Obi did so much in his first tenure that we even started project inspection. I headed the project inspection project and can speak authoritatively on that. Our people in the USA, Igwes, PGs, market groups, among others visited project sites in the first tenure as the only thing we used to convince the people to vote Obi for a second tenure.

To debunk the lies as being told by Chief Victor Umeh, I will publish the itinerary of the then President Goodluck Jonathan when he visited Anambra State on the 15th of October, 2010 to show you the projects he commissioned.

1.         Arrives helipad at Gabros Football Stadium inside Beverly Hotel , Nnewi and received by few VVIP      
2.         Proceeds to Innosons Motor Manufacturing premises and commission the  same (1st truly indigenous car manufacturing plant) (Note, private project)
3.         Proceeds to junction of Akwaeze-Oraeri-Igbo Ukwu road and commission the same 
4.        Proceeds to the junction of Aguluzigbo-Igbo Ukwu road and commission the same 
5.         Proceeds to Agulu-Awgbu-Umuawulu-Nibo road and commission the road 
6.        Proceeds to Odor bridge project and inspect the same 
7.         Proceeds to Agulu-Enugwu Ukwu road at Ezinano Junction and commission the same 
8.        Commission NAFDAC Laboratory situated at same venue (as No.7) 
9.        Proceeds to the intersection of Amawbia-Uga/Awka-Nibo-Nise-Enugwu Ukwu ring-road at Agu Awka and commission the same 
10        Proceeds to roundabout, Amawbia and commission the Ziks’s Avenue 
11.  Proceeds to the State Emergency Management Complex and commission the same. 
12.    Proceeds to the Chief Jerome Udoji Secretariat Complex, Awka and    commission the same. 
13.        Proceeds to the ASUBEB office complex and commission the same. 
14.        Proceeds to Ekwueme Square and commission vehicles for Police and school buses 
15.        Anambra State University Teaching Hospital complex and commission the  new buildings 
16.     Proceeds to the Prof. Kenneth Dike Central Library, commission the same and give out laptops to secondary schools.   
17.       Proceeds to Juhel Pharmaceutical Industry along the expressway for commissioning (Note, private project) (1st of such Factory in Sub-Sahara Africa ) 
18.       Proceeds to Governor’s Lodge for a brief lunch 
19.       Address Anambra people at the same venue. 
20.      Depart for Owerri Airport by Helipad located at Federal Science and         Technical College (just by the Governor’s Lodge)

Going through the itinerary, you will see that the road to Victor Umeh’s town was also completed and commissioned during Obi’s first tenure. The picture of the commissioning of the road is attached.

Can the same Victor Umeh tell us which project was completed in his home town in Obiano’s first tenure? Even the road started by Obi and awarded to Akomas Construction company is yet to be completed. Rather than tell his friend to complete it, he is busy marketing lies. Why are people so wicked to themselves and their people because of personal benefit?

It is not all. Let me itemize other completed projects
1. Obi already completed 13 roads Ngige started by Ngige, including the road that passed the Governors place(Terminated at Otuocha)
2. Nkpor Flyover
3. Old Market Road, Onitsha
4. New Market Road, Onitsha
5. Awka road
6. Zik’s Avenue, Fegge
7. Creek road
8. Obodoukwu road
9. Roads within the Harbour Industrial area of Onitsha were started
10. Omor-Ifite Ogwari road
11. 2 mini stadia
12. Atani road had already passed Ochuche
13. Roads within the GRA, Awka.
14. Judges Quarter’s, Onitsha
15. First Onitsha Business Park
16. Started the massive development of the Permanent Campus of the State University at Igbariam. Since he left no new project started at the site
17. Microsoft academies have been established in 105 schools with laptops 
18.  Provision of internet services in Schools. 
19.  Up to 100 schools  benefited from laboratory rehabilitation and equipment programme of the government. 
20.  Provision of first set of  generators to schools
21.  Provision of water boreholes to schools
22.  In his first tenure, over 7 health institutions regained accreditation.

One can go on and on. Why then does Umeh delight in saying that Obi did nothing in his first tenure? Why does he reduce any forum to Peter Obi this and Peter Obi that?

Please they should look for another lie as this one cannot fly.




Posted on September, 17 2017

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