Buhari must come back a changed man

By Editor on 27/07/2017

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Buhari in London

Events of the last few days in Nigeria, have certainly changed the present narratives in the country. Nigerians now know where President Muhammadu Buhari, the one they elected in 2015 with a lot of hard work and who took over the affairs of the country with such high expectation and hope, is.

This is what all well-meaning Nigerians, including Whirlwindnews.com, have been yearning and had expected his handlers to do – tell Nigerians the true story. Only the imbecile will fail to fathom what that singular outing of displaying the picture of a smiling Buhari has done to the psyche of Nigeria as a country in the past 72 hours or so.

At least, on the face of it, the President is alive and not on a life-support machine, as different people and sources had said. Even if he was helped with such a facility, it could certainly be said that the worst is over.

As to how well he is, that will be left to the declaration of his doctors, who know more about the present working of his internal organs and limbs.

What this means is ceteris paribus (all things being equal), the President would return to Nigeria once again to probably continue where he stopped. This development, ought to send a wave of celebration across the land, ceteris paribus. Sadly, this has not been the case.

Undoubtedly, not a few Nigerians are unenthusiastic to welcome him. In fact, many, wish that he never comes back and if he does, not to his job as the number one Nigerian citizen. Why? The answer is as varied as those who are in this category.    

Image result for buhari in london with governors

Buhari, full of laughter  

Beyond the issue of the uncertainty in Nigeria as a result of the President’s long absence from the country, due to his ill health, is it difficult not to notice a markedly paradigm shift in the affairs of Nigerians in terms of governance? The answer is no. if anything, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who has been in the saddle since then, has shown some hitherto unthinkable things happening in Nigeria.

A few examples will do. Last week, members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), practically broke a barrier mounted by the military, police and other security officers, as they made their way into Ebonyi State capital, Abakaliki, with their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, to prove to Governor Dave Umahi, that he was not the sole owner of the state, even as the numero uno. Could anyone imagine what would have happened, if Buhari were actually in Nigeria at the time this happened?

Surely, the story would have been different. The same security operatives, who thought nothing of it to pump live bullets into the bare chests of defenceless youths at Head Bridge, Onitsha, Port Harcourt and even went as far as killing scores of others who were praying in a primary school, were the ones escorting the same youths into the city of Abakaliki after the audacious breaking of their barriers. Nigerians never went to the US or Sweden to borrow them. What changed was that another officer who would naturally not condone such wanton bloodletting and would bother about what the world would say is now in the saddle.

Had Buhari been, perhaps those usually trigger-happy operatives could even have taken the opportunity to kill Kanu himself to complete the story. Then hell would be let loose. The ensuing narratives, would have made world’s media headlines with the attendant scorn and disgust, it usually attracts. But, today it was the IPOB members and their supporters that tried to put the event in the media themselves, because many people hardly knew about it.

How about the issue of herdsmen? In how many villages did they strike all this time Buhari was away, unlike before when it was almost a daily occurrence in all parts of the country? Has anybody heard of someone’s throat being slashed in the market or another person killed in the street over a simple disagreement? Has Niger Delta not gone quiet with peace not even known when their own son was in power prevalent today? So, what is the magic. What suddenly changed?

There is no doubt that God would be giving the President a second chance, assuming he returns to Nigeria in one bit, healthy enough to continue in power. It is hoped that he realises this and not believe that he survived his ordeal due to the skill and knowhow of his physicians in London. That would be tragic.

Whirlwindnews.com, recommends therefore that the President must do a set of the needful immediately to underscore this turn of fortunes. We believe that the immediate step hence, is to cause the total reconciliation of the country. Many have accused him of leaving the country completely broken by his actions and inactions, utterances, attitudes and body language in the last two years. We could not agree more.

There is a surfeit of examples to stress this, which need not be elasticised. What matters is that the President seeks to amend his mistakes, again, assuming he realises that what he has is a second chance, which many people are not given in his circumstances.

Should he choose to tread this route, he must discountenance the counsel of some of his advisers, who may have added new names to his traditional enemies in a fresh list that would be awaiting his attention.

He must refrain from what his spokesman, Femi Adesina, tried to infer in his recent controversial outing. The President must not think of chopping off some heads, allow heads to be chopped off in his name or pretend not to know that some people’s heads are being chopped off. Having trod that route before, he ought to know by now how much it is fraught with danger. What God meant when He injuncted that Vengeance is Mine must inform his actions henceforth.

Painfully, the media is again replete with some subtle and sometimes direct suggestions for him to settle scores with his traducers, who “wish him dead.” Any attempt to peck at this deadly bait or even continue with his 97-5 per cent policy, in order to punish such traducers and extract maximum vengeance, means that he has not learnt any lesson and has ostensibly shunned God’s mercy.

Likewise, by now, he must have realised that he is not God, as some people tried to make him believe and that he is neither infallible nor all-knowing. He must have also realised that nobody can appropriate the glory of God, as he appeared to have tried to do by his complete acceptance to be worshipped by men and showered with the praise and adoration only due God, by his cortege of admirers.

Indeed, what he does if and when he returns, would determine how much he has learned that not all those who disagree with him act out of hate or ill-will.

Like other Nigerians, Whirlwindnews.com, is equally expectant. We are also watching with keen interest of what the President will come back with.



Source Whirlwindnews.com

Posted on July, 27 2017

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