Buhari, First Lady and the broken promise

By By Sunny Igboanugo on 02/06/2015

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President Buhari

The heat is on. The honey moon seems to have ended so quickly for General Mohammadu Buhari, now known as President Mohammadu Buhari. Even before the ink with which he etched the dotted lines across the history page of Nigeria last Friday, May 29, 2015, by becoming the first Nigerian to unseat a sitting President is yet to dry, the President is already getting a dose of the bitter medicine his predecessor, was forced to drink in his four years in office. What a role reversal!

Before now, it was former President Goodluck Jonathan that was having all the heat. I couldn’t help pitying the former President as I studied his picture at the thanksgiving service in Bayelsa State last Sunday. God! How he has aged. There is virtually no black hair on the man’s head anymore. I realised what Nigerians had done to this man individually and collectively.

However, I couldn’t miss that benign smile playing at his lips equally – smile of apparent relief. Or was it mischief? Directed at his successor as to say taste and see that the rich also cry. No wonder the man quickly threw in the towel. I bet he couldn’t wait to get away from the Villa immediately it was over.

I don’t know whether the former number one citizen would contribute in making his former abode hot for the present occupant. I bet, he might not, given his I don’t want trouble mien. Besides, there is an unwritten rule in the college of ex-Presidents never to speak ill of a serving President. Never mind that former President Olusegun Obasanjo broke the rule by going for the jugular of Jonathan, to whom he played the godfather until a few months to the expiration of his tenure. But who takes Obasanjo as the role model on such things?

But even if Jonathan doesn’t act an Obasanjo and even if the owner of Ota Farm remains quiet also through the pendency of the Buhari years, the Daura-born General, who now prefers to be called President will have his hands full and his head splitting from the din of discontent echoing from Nigerians, as have already begun. That is sure, though nobody knows whether he would allow his hair grey unnecessarily as a result. After all, was it said that the late General Sani Abacha contented himself with playing cards in the thick of the June 12 crisis, as long as the likes of Major Al Mustapha, and other foot soldiers were there to deal with such issues?

Or how else could anyone tag the shrapnel that have been flying in different directions in the last few days. First, it was about the President’s inaugural address, which many, surprisingly among them, those who stood in the sun and rain with him during his campaign days, quickly threw out of the window as full of superfluous nothing – ever heard such an expression. But that was how one of the President’s hitherto enthusiast, who is now confessing his “disappointment” so soon after, puts it, because he argues it contained nothing but vagueness instead of strong and well-defined pathways to redemption of the country as he promised in his change mantra.

I didn’t know that some people would actually remember in details Buhari’s promises made during the campaigns, not to talk of believing them completely. I thought many would have the presence of mind to separate what ought to be mere promises to get to office and the actualities, given that promises to politicians is akin to salt and oil in a soup. Perhaps, it has to do with the Buhari Brand (BB), which is so dear to people’s heart that they virtually believe he is no longer a human being, possessing veins through which blood and not water flows. So, the likes of Ebun Adegboruwa, goes ahead to even laminate the promises. Well the human rights community is peopled with troublemakers. And Ebun, the quintessential lawyer and activist has shown that he learnt very well from his master, the fiery late Gani Faweheinmi.

So, for the simple reason that Buhari has submitted his asset declaration to the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), the entire country is now quaking from the reverberation of the restlessness everywhere. He has committed hara-kiri, we are being told, because he had promised to make the document public instead of “smuggling” it in. As if public declaration would change the price of tomatoes in the market or make fuel queues disappear.

Mrs. Buhari

However, the one that will make them and us loose our wrapper in the market place, as my village women would put it, is when they touch our dear Aisha. Haba! Such a delectable gift of nature. How many of her kind have we seen as a First Lady before? Just because the husband made an offhanded statement at a campaign rally that is supposed to be taken for what it is, they now want to concern her to the heat of the kitchen, darkening her supple skin with firewood smoke. God forbid. Never mind that she publicly fried akara during the campaigns. Those are mere cosmetics, to make you and I believe that she is still dedicated and dutiful mother, who would take good care of us her children. Does it mean that because Mitchel Obama bought ice cream at a local shop whilst campaigning with her husband, she would go there everyday even as a First Lady? Abeg.

Even if her husband said it, did he consult with her? After all, since we are told that a man and a woman, once joined become one, should anybody expect her to continue to run her beauty parlour in Kaduna, while her husband is left alone in Abuja and being subjected to the temptation of those husband snatchers who throng the corridors of power? Or do they think that such a fine man as our President, would withstand the power of a determined husband snatcher, even with all the discipline in the world? How else would she play her role as a helper if she is not there and how else would she be there if not as a First Lady?

Aisha, my sister, you have to be there to ward off those daughters of evil. No wicked male chauvinists will tell you that it’s a man’s world. After all, where were they when you kept your man in one bit all those days, months and years of agony you were left to comfort him after each lost battle? Now, the food is done and they want to leave you with the bones like the hunter’s dog. Nobody can take your joy away now that the kill has been made. Don’t even allow anybody to reduce it.

Perhaps the people kicking against a First Lady role for Hajyia, have not learnt how much an unhappy woman could make his man miserable. Let them read the story of the Trojan War and see the role Helen of troy played. It will help them understand better.

Yes, they don’t realise that the President would need peace of mind to deliver and that even the loftiest of dreams can crash at any level without it. They don’t realise that you have the key to unlock that door of peace and happiness through which your husband must go through. They don’t realise the trouble you could cause for everyone if they annoy you. Yes, if they don’t realise what home peace means, let them try troubled marriages.

Some have even gone to the extent to determine the type of wristwatch you wear, as if a N10million (supposing it cost that much) watch is too much for a Nigerian First Lady. It is even good that they are talking about it now that you are not in the office, so that they won’t say you bought it with public money. I wonder the type of skin such a jewellery would fit if not your likes.

If your husband did not consult you before going to make the promise he is credited to have made of stripping you of your entitlement, you have the right to call him to order. It is your right. Any woman that cannot convince her husband on anything is not fit for that position.

I don’t know how many other promises our President will break. But this is one broken promise that has my full support. Aisha must be our First Lady. We need to see that face. It is a face that brings pride, smiles and happiness to our President. I share in that pride and happiness whenever I behold it. And our President needs those elements to be at his best. That face itself in Aso Villa represents change, the change we need.

Besides we need to break promises sometimes, in order to preserve our sense of freedom.  


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Posted on June, 2 2015

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