'I’m suffering strange noise, ear pains from multiple police slaps’ *They forced me to hand over my car to my ex who returned from Italy

By Editor on 02/08/2020

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Rule of Law And Accountability Advocacy Centre (RULAAC), requests you, has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Zone 5, of the Nigerian Police Command, Dibal Yakadi, to wade into the case of a man who is currently crying of how his men forcefully dispossessed him of his vehicle and gave the same to his estranged “fiancee.” 

In a petition entitled: Alleged Bias, Manipulation of Police  Investigation and Use of Torture and Intimidation by Investigating Police Officer Destiny Lucky (0806 455 0679) to Force Complainant to Sign a False Statement Giving up his Claim to his Car in Favour of the Suspect, the rights group wants the police boss to order an impartial investigation into the allegations of bias and manipulation of investigation, torture and intimidation allegedly by the said Officer Lucky.

The petition, signed by its head (RULAAC) writes to bring to your attention, the information we have received from one Omijie Desmond an Uber driver based in Abuja that one officer Destiny Lucky of Zone 5 Police Headquarters has been exhibiting bias and using intimidation in his conduct of investigation of a case about which the complainant sent a petition to your office dated 28th April, 2020.

Desmond said the IPO Lucky advised the suspect to write a counter petition based on which he detained and tortured him in a bid to compel him to sign a false statement giving up his claim to his car in favour of his estranged fiancee, Gladys against whom he had previously petitioned your office.

The petitioner was quoted as saying: “Officer Lucky the IPO who is handling the counter petition which he advised my fiance Gladys to write against me, beat me up mercilessly, compelled me to write that it is true that I bought my vehicle with the money Gladys gave me. That it's also true the accommodation was paid for in Gladys absent. I wrote almost all my statements to the IPO Lucky with enough slaps and enough beating which he was denying even I reported him to my lawyer and my lawyer questioned him on phone.

“The following morning he brought me out from the cell half naked in front of my fiance Gladys. And he called my car dealer in Lagos forcing the dealer to agree that I'm not the one who paid for my car that it's Gladys who paid for the car.

“So when I came out from the cell two days after the following morning, I called my car dealer to confirm if all the IPO said was true, my dealer said the IPO lied against him, he explained to me all he said and how the IPO was forcing him to agree with him that I'm not the one who  bought the vehicle from him.

“I have been taking medication on my ears now because I'm having sharp noise and severe pains in my ears from the IPO slaps along with one of his colleague who they were both forcing me to give my car to Gladys and threatened to take me to prison if I don't release the car to my fiance Gladys.

“I even called and sent the IPO  message to let him know the present condition I'm undergoing, that I'm now having serious ear pains, which he called me denying of never touched or heat (hit) me. What the IPO Lucky did to me is a pure repetition of what Irrua police officers did to me at Irrua police where they threatened me to write statements in favour of Gladys and forced me to sign a change of ownership under duress which they are all denying today'. *End of quote* 


RULAC continued: “As we already informed you in our previous communication, Desmond informed us that he was lured to Benin by his fiancee who had already made arrangements with some police officers at Irrua Police Station and they seized his car from him and handed it over to her based on her claim that he bought the car with her money.


“He said he was beaten, intimidated and forced by the police in Irrua to sign away his car and relinquish it to his fiancee, Gladys. Dissatisfied with the conduct of the police at Irrua Division, Desmond wrote a petition to your office dated 28th April, 2020 complaining about his mistreatment at Irrua and you assigned the case for investigation but he said the investigating officers were compromised and took sides with the accused (his fiancee). He said he knew that you were not aware of what officers under your command were doing, hence he asked us to bring the matter to your attention.


“RULAAC contacted officer Lucky on Friday, July 31, 2020 concerning Desmond's complaint about twisting of the case, torture and intimidation and he told us that Desmond admitted that his fiancee gave him the money to buy the car, contrary to what Desmond told us.


“We asked Desmond again after we spoke with Lucky and he still maintained that his fiancee didn't give him money to buy the car. He then told us that Lucky tortured him and forced him to sign a false statement admitting his fiancee's false claims. RULAAC requests you, Sir, to order an impartial investigation into the allegations of bias and manipulation of investigation, torture and intimidation by officer Lucky.”

Omijie  Desmond who lives in Abuja informed us that sometime in February he was traveling to Benin with his fiancee who had just returned from Italy in preparation for their wedding which was being planned to take place in March. 


His fiancee named Gladys, on her arrival at his residence in Abuja, asked him to accompany her to Edo state to pick up some items she said she sent through her friend living in Benin, while she was in Italy, for their wedding. 


Unknown to him, his fiancee had connived with some police officers at Irrua, Edo state to forcefully take his car from him and hand it over to her on the claim that she gave him the money with which he bought the car.


On getting to Irrua, they were stopped by the police at a checkpoint and he thought it was the usual police check point stop. But it turned out that his fiancee and two of her cousins who accompanied them on the journey knew about the plan with the police officers to seize his car, a Toyota Corolla car, from him and hand it over to her.


He said he bought the car in 2019 and registered it in his name, in the presence of his said fiancee. 


He was eventually taken to Irrua police station and forced to sign a change of ownership document purportedly transferring ownership of the car to his fiancée, adding that he signed under duress.


At the station, his fiancee threw away her engagement ring and told him that she was no longer interested in the marriage. This was after he had spent so much and gone too far in preparation for the wedding, including printing wedding invitation cards. 


He said his fiancee and her cousins (who accompanied them on the journey) had, before they took off on the journey from Abuja to Benin, stolen the original documents and the spare keys to the car from his cupboard, unknown to him. 


He said the police at Irrua police station beat him up mercilessly, intimidated him and forced him to sign away his car and further detained him till the next day. 


Days after, he petitioned the AIG Zone 5 Police Command, Benin, and the AIG ordered investigation supervised by an ACP. The car was retrieved and taken to Zone 5, Benin.


Although, the Police investigators at Zone 5 initially indicted their colleagues at Irrua, they suddenly twisted the case in favour of his fiancee. 


For over two months, they continued to dilly-dally, asking him to come repeatedly without any further progress until July 10, 2020 when they invited him again, and to his disbelief, detained him based on a fresh petition he said the police  instigated his fiancee to write falsely accusing him of swindling her. They refused to grant him bail except on the condition that he agreed to give up his claim to the car and to forfeit it to his fiancee. 


He believed they were acting to cover up the unprofessional and biased conduct of their colleagues at Irrua and colluding with them to abuse their powers by intimidating him and aiding his fiancee to dispossess him of his car by forcing him to adopt the fake documents he was forced to sign at Irrua police station. 



Desmond said his fiancee was in Nigeria when he bought the car and registered it in his name. She never sent him any money to buy the car. But in her new petition, she claims that Desmond bought the car with money she sent to him from Italy


The car receipt is in Desmond's name (Omijie Desmond) and was issued in the presence of his said fiancee. It was also registered in his name.


He presented copies of the car receipt, the fake affidavit they produced at Irrua police station and the change of ownership they forced him, under duress, to sign, which he repudiates.



The latest development is that the police officers at Zone 5 are now claiming that there are two persons laying claim to the car.  One is Desmond. The other is a woman who showed up suddenly claiming that Desmond's fiancee sold the car to her. It turned out that immediately the Police officers at Irrua seized the car from Desmond and handed it over to his fiacee after they forced him to sing a change of ownership under duress, she immediately sold the car to a third party (the woman).


A car Desmond said he bought for over 2 million, but her fiancee sold it for 800k.



Source Whirlwindnews.com

Posted on August, 2 2020

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