NPFL: Forward, backward

Hope was seemingly on the horizon some five years ago when the structure of the country’s apex league, the then Nigeria Premier League (NPL), later renamed Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) was overhauled under the immediate past administration of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) led by...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on May, 10 2018

Crux and Thrust 'Helpless’ Nigerian Athletes at Gold Coast

As this year’s Commonwealth Games gets underway in Queensland, Australia, one basic subject matter rest in the mind of many, especially sports lovers all over the world, and that is to continuously monitor how Athletes from various Nations are faring. For Nigerians, their interest is certainly...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on April, 8 2018

Crux and Thrust 'Money miss road’ at glasshouse

Who still remembers one of the popular manuscript for senior Pupils or young Secondary school Students known as ‘Chike and the River’, written by late literary icon, Chinua Achebe which painted how Chike, a native of Umuofia who later lived in Onitsha desperately needed money to...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on March, 12 2018

Crux and Thrust Crashed hope for Nigerian ‘young’ footballers

In just four days, Nigeria’s woes in global soccer especially as it concerns cadet representation know no bound. Last Sunday, exactly on February 18, 2018, the country’s Under-17 Women team, Flamingos for the first time failed to qualify for FIFA cadet championship otherwise known as U-17...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on March, 3 2018

Crux and Thrust The change Nigeria's Para-Sports needs

In all ramifications, Nigeria’s Sporting Men and Women classified as Physically-challenged athletes have continued to display high level of discipline, decorum and indeed performance in their various chosen career. Right from 1992, when these honourable set of Individuals were admitted and recognised internationally at 1992 Barcelona...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on February, 24 2018

Crux and Thrust NBBF Impasse: D-day beckons for Tijani, Kida

March 10, 2018 is the D-day. It’s the very day top officials of the World Basketball body; Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA) will gather and receive report from three-man delegation they sent to Nigeria to carry out their findings on the lingering crisis plaguing Nigeria...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on February, 17 2018

Crux and Thrust Winter Olympics and Dalung's double standard on Sports development

So much adulation, admiration and indeed celebration expectedly followed the qualification of three bold and resilient Nigerian girls including Ngozi Onwumere, Akuoma Omeoga and Seun Adigun who qualified to be at this year’s Winter Olympic Games scheduled between February 9 and 25 in faraway PyeongChang, South...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on February, 10 2018

Crux and Thrust New dawn for Nigeria Taekwondo

There appears to be real change sweeping across the length and breadth of Nigeria Taekwondo since the past four months after years of near comatose occasioned by lack of practical and proactive sporting programmes. The dwindling fortunes of Taekwondo in a country where majority of young...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on January, 6 2018

Crux and Thrust The Travails of Moses

If you have been pondering over issues which plagued Nigerians Sports in the outgoing year and perhaps, previously, then the worst is bound to happen if adequate steps are not taken to mitigate the various malaise that put asunder and plundered collective interest. Apart from World...

By Editor on December, 25 2017

Crux and Thrust Still on decaying Sports facilities, wasteful Talents

Last week, I dwelt mainly on the role of Nigerian Lawmakers (Senate and House of Representatives) in reviving or rescuing ‘fast’ crumbling of various sporting facilities located in parts of Nigeria. Reactions have continued to pour in since then and I have kept observing with keen...

By Editor on December, 19 2017

Crux and Thrust Sports Facilities’ decay and the hypocrisy of Nigerian Lawmakers

This week, I planned to delve into the systemic wrath plaguing the operations of refereeing in a ‘soccer-dominated’ country, full of comedians in the name of administrators but I decided to switch and beam searchlight on continuous infrastructure decay within Nigeria Sports. So let’s go there....

By Ikenna Okonkwo on December, 4 2017

Crux and Thrust Drumbeats from Constantine, rushes for Russia

Expectations and indeed the anxiety which qualification processes to 2018 FIFA World Cup carried have finally died down after no fewer than 32 Nations emerged to berth at Russia when soccer hostilities at next year’s showpiece gets underway in Russia. However, the drama and shock which...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on November, 26 2017

Crux and Thrust NBBF: FIBA hammer dangles

Aside football which has become like everyone’s delight in Nigeria, basketball (arguably) has over time taken the front seat in the mind of sports lovers in recent times. In that order, depending on the index you could lay your hand on; Athletics, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Tennis,...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on November, 3 2017

Crux and Thrust Eagles: After World Cup ticket, comes the real deal

Birds freeze in the air, highways, streets got dry, all stayed glued to their television sets and then the atmosphere all of a sudden went agog with unstoppable jubilation at exactly 74 minutes of play when prolific striker and ‘super’ substitute, Alex Iwobi whose strike in...

By Ikenna Okonkwo on October, 16 2017

Crux and Thrust Ndigbo must not only endure Buhari, they must forgive him

If you do not forgive your fellow man, how then can you seek for forgiveness from God? This is the question that captures the full essence of Christianity. The Bible illustrates: A rich man wanted to take stock of his business. He called all his servants...

By Sunny Igboanugo on September, 21 2017

People and Politics Uche, uchu, na egwu chukwu: Chidoka’s battle-cry for a New Anambra

After that great fall in the Curia of Pompey on March 15, 44 B.C. with the last stab by his closest ally and protegee, Decimus Junius Brutus, those who plotted the death of Julius Caesar must have looked forward to settling down to benefitting from the spoils of the...

By Editor on September, 9 2017

People and Politics In Ozubulu, Osinbajo has shown leadership

Five ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, were in Anambra State, last Saturday, exactly a week today. They were, at the instance of the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. Their mission was to convey the commiserations of the Federal Government to the people and government...

By Sunny Igboanugo on August, 19 2017

People and Politics DSS, EFCC and the bitter lessons from the courts

Why do you think characters like Don Corleone in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather existed and still exist in America? These were bandits known to both the ordinary folks and the authorities. Not only are their activities, mostly devious and law-breaking a public knowledge, they also have...

By Sunny Igboanugo on April, 7 2017

People and Politics
Latest NPFL: Forward, backward 'Helpless’ Nigerian Athletes at Gold Coast 'Money miss road’ at glasshouse Crashed hope for Nigerian ‘young’ footballers The change Nigeria's Para-Sports needs NBBF Impasse: D-day beckons for Tijani, Kida Winter Olympics and Dalung's double standard on Sports development New dawn for Nigeria Taekwondo The Travails of Moses Still on decaying Sports facilities, wasteful Talents


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