Buhari, a liar? Tinubu must be kidding

By Sunny Igboanugo on 06/10/2016

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Osinbajo, Tinubu and Buhari

One thing I learnt during my catechism class as a Catholic, is the doctrine that depicts the pope as infallible. I actually believed it wholly. In my childlike mental sky, I had a picturesque formation of the pope as an exceptional being who saw and spoke directly with God every day.

Why wouldn’t I, when even my elementary school teacher then seemed superhuman to me. Indeed, not until I saw him taking a bath at our local stream, on a certain day that I knew he had the ordinary features and physical anatomy of the other males I knew then.   

In fact, there was even a legend then about the Catholic Pontiff that made the whole concept far deeper, fabulous and mystique, sometimes propelled by my elder brother, a master story teller, who could practically sell snow to the Eskimos. He was the one that told me that nobody could actually see the pope. The only privilege people were rewarded with was that each year, the pope brought out one of his hands from the window and waved at them, which of course, in itself, had magical powers. There were quite many other legends he dished out, which I gulped like sweet wind and virtually became inebriated with.  

I don’t even know whether he believed some of his own fairy tales too, himself, being not too much older than me or even more knowledgeable, except in his prowess for adding salt and pepper to make his stories a great dish to savour any day, I don’t see him being too wiser either.

So, I practically grew up believing that the pope was infallible. Even when all the myths were dispelled one after the other, including my seeing the pope in flesh and blood visit Nigeria, leaving all other evidences of his humanity quite bare, I still clung to the idea of his total infallibility, until quite recently.  

That was when the true teaching of the church became clear to the extent that the pope can only become infallible, when speaking ex-cathedra – that means, when he mounts the papal chair of St. Peter to make pronouncement. The Catholic faith believes that those teachings were pronouncements that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and therefore error-free.

In other words, the pope, as a human being is as fallible as anyone else. He is open to making errors of the head and of the heart and open to the fall and rise of everyday life, just like many people who have blood running through their veins.

To substantiate this, the pope himself, clearly adumbrates and professes the same facts, and unlike some others, who hug the sobriquet – Man of God, tells everyone who cares to listen that he goes to confession and does his penance like any other good Catholic.

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Tinubu and Buhari

Why have I travelled this long road? It is to establish the fact that nobody is God and nobody can be God. And flowing from that is the concomitant fact that since nobody is God, all humans are prone to making mistakes and since all humans are prone to mistakes, they are equally prone to committing sins.  

I make this point because I verily believe that one of the reasons, in fact, the major reason why we are in this sorry pass today in this country, is  the failure of many Nigerians to attune themselves to this simple basic fact as it relates to President Muhammadu Buhari. I don't know what happened that we do not see him as a human being like the rest of us. Yes, he could be far different in character and reputation. But he is definitely NOT God.

We are suffering today, because, God, sitting on his throne has asked us to get help from the God we gave ourselves. We should ask him to raise the oil price, rejig our economy and restore peace in the land, since he is all knowing and all powerful.

How could Nigerians confer a status of God on this mere mortal and not face the consequences when God Himself has said that He is a jealous God?

It is funny how things are turning out such that many Nigerians are living long enough to see with their own eyes the consequences of their actions. Now, how could anybody take such a bizarre posturing that even if General Buhari, as he then was, presented a bread label as his certificate, it would be enough to qualify him for their votes, if not elevating him to the status of God?

I could recall how every insult imaginable was heaped on then President Goodluck Jonathan in the build-up to the campaigns to the 2015 presidential election and how the running taps were virtually let open during the campaigns proper. You instantly became an activist, the moment you went to the media to castigate Jonathan. It was even better if you invented new derogatory words to do so. Conversely, you became a hate-speaker, if you as much as questioned anything Buhari did or raised any issue against his conducts or records, no matter how much you saw it as helpful to the polity or democratic process.

That was what separated the likes of Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the irrepressible and high-octane erstwhile All Progressives Congress (APC) megaphone, now the Minister of Information and culture from those of Peter Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State and his opposite number on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) front.

While Mohammed was seen as a vibrant opposition warlord, who spoke truth to power, Fayose was seen as a villain, a foul-tongued irritant, who wished Buhari dead. It didn’t occur to many that a good butcher must add bone to the meat and vice versa.

That was how, we missed the opportunity of pitching Buhari against other candidates to engage them and Nigerians eyeball to eyeball and tell them how he wished to make the naira equal to the dollar, how he intended to make petrol sell for N40 per litre, how he intended to raise power generation to 80,000megawatts in four years, how he intended to create the millions of jobs he promised, feed children in schools and pay cash to poor Nigerians.

At least, were he to defend these promises during the debates, he might not be so free to distance himself from some of them, as he is doing today. Yes, he could definitely have been wiser and more prudent with his ideas, if not restrained him from pursuing that line of electoral campaign.

Today, the same people who went to the streets, shouting Hosanna are now shouting crucify him. Some are even asking for a reversion to what they used to know. Like the crowd at the forecourt of Pontus Pilate, which shouted crucify him and asked for the release of Barnabas in exchange for the death of Christ, many now beat their chests in regrets, announcing like the poor man who watched the alter cloth divide in the temple, after crucifixion that truly, this is the Son of God. In just a few months.

Yes, those who shouted others down, when they raised issues with the obviously practical implementation of the 97-5 percent policy, are now seeing the effects in the polity, because rain does not fall in the house of one person alone. The argument that the President must appoint those he trusts and can work with, appears to have disappeared in the firmaments. It is becoming evident that saints don't run government and even if it is desirable, they are not available because they don't dwell with us here on earth. What with all what we now hear even about the officials of this government. If in doubt, ask those running the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps. We no longer seem to hear the riposte that there are still thousands of appointments to make.

Now, the sense in the well-intended advice of the likes of Bishop Mathew Kukah that corruption war should not be the begin and end of governance and that real governance should begin in earnest, seems to have registered fully. To many of them, the revered cleric is neither corrupt nor encouraging corruption anymore.

Hitherto internal rumbling and private grumbling are now emitting publicly. In fact, it is already graduating to finger-pointing, obviously to degenerate to shouting bouts, throwing of chairs. Then full circle.

Imagine what the social media has become just in a few days, just because Buhari’s biographer wrote that it was not Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu that appointed Professor Yemi Osinbajo as Vice President. A point, which for all you know could even be an error of fact, has suddenly transformed Buhari to liar. The same man that was God only a few hours earlier.

Haven’t we all sinned and come short of the glory of God? Is the option for us who worshipped another God and the one that allowed himself to be so worshipped not be to turn back and on bended knees, plead for forgiveness? Are we not going to promise to worship nobody else but the one and only true God and save ourselves this eternal damnation staring us in the face? Is there any other way out? 



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Posted on October, 6 2016

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