The consequences of blood

By Sunny Igboanugo on 27/08/2020

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I remember interviewing a prominent leader of the Rosicrucian Order, some 20 years ago. He was the first that drew my attention to the practical example of the reality of karma, the law of retributive justice.

His example then was the death of the Murtala Mohammed. I wasn't seized of the atrocities of the late Head of State including the Asaba massacre where some 2,000 able bodied men were mowed down while singing and dancing to welcome the Nigerian troop. Defenceless and unarmed ordinary folks who were either too scared to join their brothers across the River Niger in Biafra and thought they would be safe by humouring the Nigerian soldiers, plain saboteurs or genuine lovers of One Nigeria.

Regardless that they were generally seen as saboteurs by their Biafran brothers, they were slaughtered all the same by the same forces they pledged their loyalty, slaughtered out of sheer hatred.

Then came the throwback. How did the person who led that troop die? He provided the answer himself. By bullets in his head, apparently in a more brutal way than his victims.

I didn't know what to make of that revelation and the connection thereto then. I don't either now. But when I look at what is happening in Nigeria today, I cannot, but, begin to look in the direction of the import of the man's enduring message during that encounter.

Else, how does anyone explain what is happening nowadays in our country? How does anyone explain these strange killings in the land, particularly in the very homesteads of those whose fathers ordered or allowed the bombing of markets and hospitals and those who even after the war practically went on a binge, rampaging, brutalising, killing defenceless people and raping girls in the presence of their parents? Who are these killers? Where do they come from? What is driving them?

Instructively, some of the perpetrators also suffered the same fate in various ways before they died while some are left behind practically watch the same gory scenario they created for others when they had it and played God returning to their household in gorier measures. Yes! They're spared their days to see it with their own eyes. Only God knows their true feeling. Inside their bedrooms they may be battling hot tears wishing that the hands of the clock would be turned back for a second chance. Who knows?

Some have resorted to open prayers, others to general complaints while others continue to keep straight, bold faces.

As a Christian, I'm not supposed to be superstitious, but how do I explain the gory picture I see everywhere, even among those that are supposed to be enjoying? I'm supposed to believe that God is merciful, but is it not when we seek mercy? Do we continue in sin so that the mercy of God may abound?

Should this be a lesson for those involved in last Sunday's killing in Emene, Enugu state? How do I know? They say the IPOB members were armless, yet mowed down in their numbers - 21 of them. The DSS and police being held responsible, say otherwise, claiming that they were the ones, who came under gun attacks.They claim two of the DSS personnel were killed.

How do we know the truth? I'm sure Murtala and his men must have made plausible explanation to the world about the Asaba massacre, just like General Yakubu Gowon (Go On With One Nigeria) usually explained away the massacre through the raiding of markets, hospitals and public places, where bombs buried mothers and their babies alive.

I'm sure as he celebrated each "successful" operation, perhaps, tossing hard liquour as military men are wont, his Media footsoldiers had their response to the outcry of the Biafrans handy. Today, how market? If only Generals are allowed to cry!

But if the blood of Abel could cry to high heavens and God heard it will the King of the heavenly host not give heed to the cries of the innocent in Emene, last Sunday? Be they IPOB or DSS? If history guides our feet, would the perpetrators go free? Would well-crafted public statements be a buffer against the even though delayed, but sure consequences?

What do I know. All I know is that the blood of a human being is different from that of a chicken. It can only be spilt with perilous consequences! Kpom!

Igboanugo, a journalist, writes from Abuja




Posted on August, 27 2020

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